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Using Wireless Box II or IV as a wireless repeater

Anyone tried using the new Box IV as a wireless repeater? Or, indeed, their old Box II as a repeater? Is it even possible with either unit?

I've now got both wifi routers as I moved house and they sent me a new IV box.

I'm aware that the wifi g speeds are much faster than ADSL, so I suppose it doesn't really matter which one is connected to the internet. I have no intention to swap them over at this time.

But it seems a shame to waste the new one, especially as I don't fancy forking out 100+ on two wifi dongles for my Sony BD player and Xbox 360, and this could solve the problem! So I'd be using the IV behind the TV for Ethernet and as my main wifi (n) router, with the II left plugged into the wall solely as an internet modem, serving the IV router.

Worst case scenario is I have to run Ethernet cable around the room between the two routers and simply disable the wifi on the II box to leave it as a dumb modem.
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